Our School - Chaplain

Chaplain Report – Sue Bath


To date this year has begun quickly and not slowed down.  My role has varied a little from previous years which has allowed me to visit more classrooms and connect with more of our students on both a general, as well as one on one, level.

Last year we introduced the Resilience Rights and Respectful Relationships program to the 5/6 grade.  This year I am working with Brendan and Sean to deliver it to our 3, 4, 5 and 6’s; this has included an excursion to South West Primary with a selection of our 5/6s to further explore how the program might look across the whole school and the contribution our 5/6s can make in bringing this about.

I am also enjoying the privilege of being invited into the junior grades to sit in and be a part of their learning.  This has opened up some wonderful opportunities for chats and getting to know the students and where they’re at with life.

Supporting Ann by being a presence in the office has also been opportune by placing me in a position to get alongside some of our school community parents.

It was again my privilege to join the school as we attended the ANZAC ceremony at the hall to remember our fallen soldiers and to be part of 1/2s artwork reflecting essence of ANZAC.

Knitting and crocheting has been made available again for those interested in taking up the challenge, generally our 3/4 girls.   I have had a couple of opportunities to toast a mountain of cheese and vegemite sandwiches for the students…went down a treat.  These were a result of the school lunch program we have become involved with which meets the needs of any children who have forgotten their lunches.

I attended ACCESS Conference with the focus being on building resilience in our students.  Highly informative and gratifying to hear that our school already provides lots of learning in this area…thinking particularly of the RRRR program and the Peaceful Kids programs we implement.

And finally the anticipation of attending my first 5/6 camp in June…a wonderful opportunity to get to know our 5/6 students on a more informal platform…