Our School - Chaplain

It was a good start to the year enabling me to be part of life in the classroom connecting with our students on a broad platform, as well as one on one when needed.

The year began well, we were hitting our stride…then we were all hit by COVID and lockdown. Over this period, like each of us, it was about working out how to do life differently. Finding ways to support both our students and our families without adding any extra pressure was paramount. The newsletter became a forum that I could use to present information relating to wellbeing during this period and I was also able to link in with the remote learning and offer optional activities around building resilience and promoting good mental health across every year level. With the second wave of remote learning I was included in the supervision team set up at the school to further support our students.

Term 4, back in the classroom I was able to continue with these sessions with the preps, one, two/threes promoting wellbeing in relation to the year that has been with a focus on kindness to close the year out.

I have also been privileged to work alongside some of our grade 5 leaders to run our inaugural kindness challenge throughout the school.

Other activities over the course of the year have been sessions highlighting friendships with our 3/4 girls; providing lunchtime activities such as blowing bubbles, croquet, tunnel ball and working with clay; supporting staff and students on school excursions…and with much anticipation…the 5/6 camp to Anglesea.

The end of the year is always exciting as we meet our prospective 2021 preps. Again, I enjoy the privilege of supporting Mrs Mac as she weaves her magic with our little people over our period of prep transition. In closing I would like to express my thanks for the way in which our school community continues to embrace and encourage me in the role as their chaplain..