Our School - Chaplain

Chaplain Report – Sue Bath

2017 has been a very busy year with lots of activities across the school with both individuals, groups and classroom involvement.  The school embarked upon the Respectful Relationship program with the 5/6s, which touched on a variety of topics relating to understanding others and ourselves in our community.  Topics looked at were emotional literacy, personal strengths, positive coping, problem solving, stress management, help seeking, bullying and acts of kindness.

For Mental Health Week we worked on creating a fantastic bollard, which was an accumulation of our thoughts around healthy thinking and was on display at the Birregurra festival. 

Across the school, there was cooking, gardening, knitting with 3/4s.  Classroom visits supporting the P/2’s with their Big Write sessions, Reading and STEAM.

I also had much pleasure in supporting our Junior Leaders at Easter, Biggest Morning Tea, Market Day Café and the Fun Run.  

As the year draws to its conclusion, I have met the parents of our new preps for 2018. I look forward as we celebrate the end of the year with our concert.

At this point, I would like to say a big thank you for the privilege of being your chaplain and the pride I take in being a part of the Birregurra Primary School Community