Our School - About Us

Established in 1864, Birregurra Primary School is a unique learning community, situated 20 kilometres east of Colac. The school is nestled in a picturesque rural setting within the township of Birregurra on a 4 hectare site. Over the past number of years our enrolments have slowly increased with more families choosing to embrace the country lifestyle. Approximately 20% of our students travel to school by bus with others living locally and many choosing to ride, scoot or walk to school.

Birregurra PS is proud to be a ResourceSmart School, supporting sustainability practices across the school facilities, community and curriculum aiming to save resources and money for the school. The physical facilities of the school consist of 5 classrooms, an Arts Centre, a Multipurpose Room, two ovals, basketball court and numerous playground areas. 

Our school's purpose is to be an outstanding rural school where care, curiosity, innovation and progressive practices ensure students thrive in an ever-changing world. In order to fulfil this vision, we nurture our students to be independent lifelong learners who are well equipped to meet the challenges of an ever changing world; think and learn through problem solving; achieve personal success and excellence; demonstrate ethical, social and environmental responsibility and be active, happy, engaged and productive citizens. We value integrity, commitment, responsibility, tolerance, cooperation and teamwork. We apply these values in our everyday dealings with each other and in the development of our programs and policies.
Birregurra Primary School is a vibrant, innovative and genuinely student-centred school. We have a strong sense of community and care for each other. The school, being central to the community of Birregurra, has built strong partnerships with parents and local community groups. These partnerships maximise learning opportunities for all. Our school is a regular contributed to the local 'Birre Mail' distributed monthly, sharing our learning journey with the wider school community. 
As a Respectful Relationships Lead School, we promote inclusion, acceptance and celebration of difference. We provide the opportunity for all young people to flourish within a supportive and caring environment, with high expectations for learning and behaviour. We want our students and their families to know we are committed to achieving the best outcomes for their child. 
Teachers follow evidence based models including the Gradual Release of Responsibility (I do, We do, You Do) teaching and learning model and workshop models to maximise student learning achievement. Learning Intentions and Success Criteria ensure purposeful learning tasks and clear expectations and achievement goals for students. Teachers work collaboratively, participating in dedicated PLC's using the FISO inquiry cycle to ensure a constant focus on student learning outcomes. We have a professional and committed team all working together to provide the best possible education for our students as evidenced by our consistently high Staff Opinion Survey results. 
The curriculum design, learning experiences and overall learning environment focus on fostering the skills and mindset of self-directed, lifelong learners. Teachers explicitly plan to give all students the opportunity to be successful learners who have voice and choice in their learning and can apply/integrate new knowledge and skills across learning areas, with 21st century capabilities woven though all learning experiences. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) are integrated within the curriculum. Specialist teachers conduct Library, Art, Italian, Physical Education and Music classes. Student learning is further enriched through programs including: Social and Emotional Learning (Respectful Relationships, Mindfulness, and Peaceful Kids), Human Development, Junior School Council, Concert, Camping, Sporting Schools and Interschool Sport.
A Chaplain also works closely with our welfare team to provide support for our staff, students and parents.
These factors all combine to make Birregurra Primary School a stimulating, flexible and happy environment where all children have the opportunity to develop the key social, academic and emotional competencies to be successful and happy life-long learners.