News - Year 1 News

 Grade One – Genevieve Erskine

The past few weeks in Grade One have been very busy with lots of new learning and preparations for our House Sports and Polwarth Sports days well underway. We have continued to explore ourselves as learners and are enjoying setting and reflecting on our learning goals.

During literacy sessions, we have been exploring a range of genres and the features of these texts. We are using both digital and paper books to explore these texts. We have been busy developing our decoding and comprehension strategies, making predictions and text connections as we read. It is fabulous to see the students so motivated to increase their reading skill, as they set and monitor individual goals.

Through our Sounds Write program, we are continuing to develop our code knowledge. We have begun the extended code exploring more complex spelling patterns. It has been terrific to see the Grade Ones use their code knowledge, recording their own pieces of writing and challenging themselves to set personal writing goals. Our weekly ‘Big Writes’ have provided a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their wonderful story telling and relishing the opportunity to share these on Seesaw.

In our numeracy sessions, we have been busy exploring place value through a variety of games and activities. We are developing our fluency to read, write and compare 2 digit numbers accurately. Students are enjoying working in pairs and small groups as we explore these concepts.

We have begun our Science/STEAM Unit ‘Machine Makers’ with the students demonstrating their understanding of push and pull forces around the school and at home. Students enjoyed making their own machine car, using a balloon to power their car. Our Science/STEAM unit will continue next term as we investigate Rube Goldberg machines, providing students the opportunity to create their own version.

Throughout our ‘Respectful Relationships’ program, we have explored emotional literacy and personal strengths. We have been practising reading and interpreting different emotions and putting a name to these. We are working on identifying our personal strengths as well as personal strengths in our class friends.

Our weekly music sessions with Miss Louise are once again proving a huge hit. Each week we are taken to a new country, learning their location on the globe and are given an insight into their culture. Students are loving the opportunity to dress up and lead us through a dance. We have been exploring our senses and challenging ourselves to heighten certain senses, one at a time.

It has been a busy but productive start to the year in Grade One. It has been a fabulous transition to Grade One for the students. We are looking forward to continuing all of our learning successes next term.