News - Year 5/6 News

Grade 5/6 – Bryce Fetherston

Grades 5/6 term continues to fly, with the students stepping up and taking on board leadership roles whenever they can. The House Captains have done an amazing job preparing everyone for the House Sports on the 30th March. They have been training the students at lunchtime, with other Grade 5/6 students assisting too. A big achievement was our Clean Up Australia Day in the Birre park and Skate park. The Grade 5/6 students organised where each class would be, as well as taking responsibility for a group. All students displayed tremendous leadership and respect as they organised and led their respective group/class.

During our literacy time we have been busy reading a wide range of texts, building up our understanding of various text types. The students have become adept at marking-up their texts, making annotations and summarising various aspects of the writing. We continue to identify unknown words and use the text around it to help define the word.  

The four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) has been our focus in numeracy. We have been investigating the metric system with an emphasis on length, allowing us to continue develop our skills and strategies using the four operations. The students have been using different strategies to solve various problems, with an emphasis on using another strategy and inverse operation to check our answers. One of the big importance’s is to check our answers for plausibility, estimating before we attempt our problems, ensuring our final answer falls within this range.


Grade 5/6 have been working with a local Beeac artist called Peter Day, to bring awareness of a local threatened species. Our focus is on the Growling Grass Frog, or GGF as Peter calls it. We have investigated this animal, identifying what it looks like, where it lives and its threats. Be on the lookout for information that will pop up around the town!