News - Year 3/4 News

Grade 3/4 – Brendan King

The initial focus of Numeracy lessons this term has been to revise and develop the student’s understanding of place value and representing numbers in different forms . Following this has been a focus on measurement. This includes students increasing their knowledge of a variety of measurement concepts including distance, mass, capacity, volume and time. We recently completed a measurement lesson where we measured student heights and compared them to animals from around the world. This proved a fun and engaging way to learn about this concept.

The 3/4 children have been developing their literacy understanding and skill through a range of fun and engaging lessons. In addition to our regular Big Write and Sound Write classes’ students have completed a 20-day program that introduces key concepts of reading and writing. They have investigated various comprehension strategies such as inferring, summarising and predicting when reading. In writing children have been introduced to the concept of a writers’ notebook, 6+1 writing traits and that authors gather ideas, plan, draft, revise and edit before they publish. A recent introduction to our literacy time has been the reading of a class chapter book. Children have enjoyed engaging and listening to the story of Warrior Boy, a book about a boy from London who heads to Kenya to meet his Maasai family, and is faced with the challenge of being an outsider who needs to fit in.

Our ‘Smooth Moves’ Science unit this term is an ideal way to link science with literacy in the classroom. It provides students with the opportunity to explore forces and motion. Through hands-on activities students identify forces that act at a distance and those that act in direct contact and investigate how different-sized forces affect the movement of objects.

Our Respectful Relationships units this term are, Emotional Literacy and Personal Strengths. The Emotional Literacy unit supports students to understand what emotions look like, what might trigger emotions and to understand that we experience a variety of emotions on any given day. The Personal Strength unit helps students understand what personal strengths are, the importance of recognising our strengths and how to develop strengths.


Specialist classes have continued with enthusiasm. In particular our new music & drama lessons with Louise Brown are proving to be a real hit with students. During these classes’ students have focused on the five senses (taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing exercises) and have used props like ear muffs, blind-folds, smelling products and magic illusions to trick, deprive and enhance the senses. They have also identified sounds from the environment and been tested on their knowledge of Australian bird calls by asking them to name the bird type as well as mimic the call. Furthermore, children have played games including charades and learning to lip read whilst wearing ear muffs (sound deprivation).