News - Year 2

Grade Two – Jaymie Lowe

The Grade 2’s are off to a brilliant start with their learning well under way. We have been busy creating, investigating and exploring. It’s been wonderful to see our classmates developing their relationships with each other, expanding friendships and working together to develop ideas and complete tasks.

Our mornings are jam-packed full of learning as we work through our literacy sessions. We are well underway with our Sounds Write phonemic program, looking at the more complex spelling patterns of the extended code. During this time, we focus on segmenting and blending sounds and phonemic manipulation. As we build on these strategies, we are able to apply them to our reading and writing activities and have seen a huge growth in confidence already! Our reading groups based on components of the ‘Daily 5’ have begun with great enthusiasm. During this time, the students are able to build on their decoding strategies, reading stamina, comprehension and reading with accuracy and fluency. We are very lucky to have Miss Hannah working within our classroom on occasion to provide some extra literacy support. In writing we have looked at nouns, verbs and adjectives and how we use them to build simple and complex sentences. We have used this new knowledge to make sure our sentences make sense.

In numeracy, our big term focus has been on place value. We have used a variety of materials to help us build to ten, bundle tens and determine each digit’s place value. As this is such an important concept to master, we’ve spent a lot of time making, recording and comparing numbers through hands-on activities and games. We had lots of fun making our place value monsters and donuts, which really brightened up our room! We are currently working on rounding and estimating, with our game of ‘snakes and ladders’ being a huge hit! Our skip counting by 2’s fluency is growing as we play our warm up game of 11’s each session.

STEAM has been one of our favourite sessions since it kicked off in Week 5. Linking in with our Science unit ‘Machine Makers’, the Grade 2’s have been learning about and building their very own push and pull machines inspired by Rube Goldberg. These machines are machines that are intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and overly complicated way. And haven’t we had a lot of fun with this!! After an investigation walk around the classroom and the school yard, we realised just how often we use push and pull forces in our everyday life!

We are very fortunate to have Mrs Bath support our ‘Respectful Relationships’ program each week. During our sessions we have been learning about lots of the feelings we feel can every day and that they are completely normal. Mrs Bath has given us a great range of strategies in order to deal with different emotions and situations! We’ve also been identifying our personal strengths and

This year we are very fortunate to have Miss Louise run her program through the Creative Workers in School Program and it’s AMAZING! The last few weeks we have explored our five senses through smelling, tasting, listening and touching objects while blindfolded which was brought us lots of laughs but also made us realise how much we rely on our senses.

Our Grade 2 classroom has been very busy and hardworking with student achieving big things! We can’t wait for what else is to come!