Curriculum - Year 5/6 News

Year 5/6 

Our recent focus in Numeracy has been Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Data. We have investigated formulas for calculating volume, mass and capacity as well as strategies for converting units of measurement. Students have used practical data, including student surveys and data collection to identify mean median and mode. We have also discussed how data is used to inform decisions.

Students continue to enjoy weekly lesson that support their development in all areas of Literacy and are given every opportunity to use classroom activities for practical purposes. For example, the class recently linked Education Morning activities with the writing of a procedural text for their Big Write. This applied learning approach highlights the importance of having the skill to adapt to writing different genres when required.

Last Wednesday we participated in Education Week activities. This year’s theme was, celebrating the Arts. Taking the ‘A’ out of S.T.E.A.M, students took the opportunity to make old unused items new again. Completed pieces of work included photo frames, pencil cases, leg rests and drink coasters.

Our class recently participated in a dental hygiene incursion. In this lesson students learnt the importance of oral health and how best to protect their teeth and gums against dental decay. This lesson included learning about the impact various foods and drink have on our teeth. Students also learnt basic first aid when responding to dislodged teeth.

We have continued our Science unit, marvellous microorganisms, in which students are developing their awareness and understanding of the role of microorganisms play in food and medicine. We are currently investigating mould, the conditions it needs to grow and its effect on our lives.

Grade 6 students recently attended a digital learning workshop. During this workshop, students were introduced to a variety of digital programing applications. Each student had the opportunity to attend three workshops aimed at increasing their awareness and understanding of robotics, coding and digital technology. Workshops included:

·         Exploring the science of reaction times

·         Programing the python

·         Makey Makey makedo

·         Sphero Battlebots!

·         Robots, bar codes and coding

·         Lego Robot Challenge

Each workshop ran for an hour, involved challenges/games and was delivered by experienced DigiTech educators.


Finally, the Grade 5/6 class also had the opportunity to participate in a leadership workshop with a variety of schools from across the region. The day provided students with the chance to engage in a range of activities to develop leadership strategies, skills and ideas that contribute to positive change. Students learnt the first step in leadership is not gaining a formal position but transforming themselves as leaders. In addition, they discovered there are four things that help transform a leader: attitude, words, actions and care.