Curriculum - Year 5/6 News

Year 5/6Bryce Fetherston

All leadership positions have been filled with Councilor Brian Cook, recently presenting students with their badge. During the presentation ceremony, Brian spoke about us all being leaders in some way. All students are enthusiastic at the prospect of leading their peers and are eager to represent the school. The leadership structure for 2019 is as follows:

School captains:

  • ·         Olivia Roberts / Patrick Cunnington

House Captains:

  • ·         Beal -  Lily King / Emma Wilkeson
  • ·         Strachan – Tom Pyle / Hamish Darroch
  • ·         Sladen – Rieley Pentz / Cooper McLean
  • ·         Skene – Rory McLellan / Jarrah Gittings

JSC leaders

  • ·         Presidents – Tom Tyrer / Leah Armistead
  • ·         Grade 5 Reps -  Sienna Leeson / Bailey Driscoll
  • ·         Grade 3/4 Reps – Jack Roberts / Lily McLean

Year 5/6 students have recently learnt to verbalise different emotions during our Respectful Relationship classes. In doing so, they are extending their vocabulary beyond expressing themselves as either just happy or sad. They have learnt to use a variety of language for happy, for example:  joyful, excited, thrilled, relieved and serene. They have also been using different words for sad, including: miserable, frustrated, furious, hurt, angry and upset.

Further to our work around emotions, students have learnt about character strengths. Character strengths are different to talent, skills and knowledge. Your character makes you who you are. Character strengths are attributes like courage, kindness, humor and persistence. These personal traits help you make the most of your experiences and deal with challenges.

Media studies has become a weekly focus, looking at news and how it is reported around the world. The students watched a few news segments from BTN (Behind The News) and we have been using the themes in our daily literacy sessions. The students analysed how the media cover different stories to sway viewer/readers’ perception. They then transferred this skill into their own short video of Birregurra Primary School. The students were very professional, handing out letters to ‘prospective interviewees’, being considerate of the ‘public’ while filming on locations. Students then created their own soundtrack and edited the videos. The outcome has been amazing with all groups producing high quality videos showcasing our wonderful school.

Year 5/6 students are using the Sound Waves spelling and grammar program, VCOP and the Big Write writing program to develop their literacy skills. They have read a variety of text materials including local newspapers and magazines. This strategy is aimed at developing vocabulary, content knowledge and comprehension skills. They have also investigated different writing genres, including, persuasive, narrative and recount texts. Oral language skills are an important component of our literacy program. Each student is given regular opportunities to present work to their peers while using a microphone. This activity also aims to increase confidence while addressing an audience.

The initial phase of Numeracy in term one involved revision and a focus on place value. More specifically we looked at rounding numbers, patterns and expanding numbers. This has been expanded to integers, Cartesian planes, number lines and understanding factors, and prime and composite numbers.