Curriculum - Year 5/6 News

Year 5/6 

The initial phase of Term 3 will see students investigate, ‘Who is an Australian?’ Students will investigate: Where are our countries of origin? How can we find out? Who can we ask? What do we know about our countries of origin? Further to this, students will research the nationalities that make Australia the multicultural melting pot that it is. They will consider the influences people of different nationalities have had on Australian society and the reasons why people migrate to Australia. Students will choose a country to research and present their learning to the class.

Third term Numeracy involves a mix of focus areas. Initially students have worked on developing their graphing skills while calculating the mean, median and mode of data sets. They have explored the Excel program and participated in various online tutorials. The tutorials have helped students gain an understanding of the program and the power of its functions. In addition, students will create their own set of questions to survey their peers and analyse data from.  In the coming weeks we will turn our attention to patterns, algebra, fractions, division and decimals.

We have continued dictated sentences, Sound Waves and Big write activities. Students have also focused on different text types, in particular information texts. They have enjoyed discovering the different components of this text type, retrieving information and creating their own information text. Students have also worked diligently on understanding the key skill of inferring. They have enjoyed participating in a series of activities designed to educate and enhance their ability to use inferencing while reading.

Our current Respectful Relationships is help-seeking. Activities in this unit will assist students to:

  • Identify situation in which they should seek help in working through problem
  • Identify a list of trusted people to seek out when needing help
  • Normalise and de-stigmatise help-seeking behaviour

This term students will participate in STEAM classes on a weekly basis. Participation in these classes helps the development of critical thinking, creativity, engineering design process and problem solving skills.

We have begun music classes with Louise Brown and are already preparing for the Birregurra Festival. Students will rehearse a variety of songs on a weekly basis with a focus on artists from the modern era