Curriculum - Year 5/6 News

Year 5/6Bryce Fetherston

Term 2 has continued to fly for the Grade 5/6, being busy engaging with the local community. We have had a few exciting excursions over the past few weeks. We went to BioLab in Geelong, where the students undertook a variety of activities/experiments revolving around sport. The students were exceptional as they tested themselves and others. All were amazed at how science helps support our top athletes, with some even saying they wouldn’t mind it as a job. Our “Parliament of Victoria” excursion at COPACC gave the students firsthand experience in what politics is like.

Education Week was a wonderful success. We had quite a few parents come into the classroom, providing unique insights into their everyday working lives. The students asked fantastic questions, with many being surprised at different things some jobs require. A big thankyou to parents, Luke McLean, Leanne Fitzpatrick, Ruth Gazzard and Leisa Gittings who gave up their time to speak to the children. Our school leaders were also on show and gave future parents tours around the school during our Prep Enrolment morning. The students did a fantastic job guiding parents around and explaining the different programs and learning that occurs at our school.

During our reading and writing time, we have been focusing on our vocabulary. We are continuing to expand our strategies to help us decipher unknown words in texts we read. Students have been looking at the context of the text, to help set a picture, visualizing what might be happening. They also look for word parts, such as prefixes, suffixes or base words to help find the meaning. Once we have identified the meaning, students are beginning to use these words in their writing, paying particular attention to where they sit in the sentence. Our sentence starters set up our writing and therefore we need to be particular about our choice of words.

In our numeracy session, students have been busy graphs and data. Students have used data collected from BioLab and other sporting activities and games to help understand a variety of aspects to help analyse their data. We looked at how to find the mean and mode of our data, helping to explain averages and what we could expect if students were to undertake the same tests in the future. We also used our Bookclub to explore the marketing techniques used by publishers, tallying up the total number of books that had toys, using this to create our different types of graphs.

Our Science focus for term 1 is Light Shows. This will capture students’ interest and find out what they think about light. They will be provided opportunities to represent what learn about how light from a source forms shadows and can be absorbed, reflected and refracted, and to reflect on their learning throughout the unit.

Sue Bath is continuing to support the Grade 5/6 with their Respectful Relationships. They have been identifying self-talk, trying to reword our thoughts and ideas so we are using more positive self-talk. We continue to use role-playing activities, allowing students to gain a firsthand experiences at using these strategies, while showing their understanding and how to use them properly.