Curriculum - Year 5/6 News

Year 5/6 

Late last term, Year 5/6 attended a Respectful Relationships workshop. The day involved several schools from the region participating in activities that focused on how the message of RRRR is being delivered. I was pleased to provide feedback that our program is running smoothly in the 5/6 room and that we have covered areas such as emotional literacy and personal strengths. We will continue to work toward developing our understanding this term and will focus on positive coping strategies, problem solving and stress management. Further to this, a contingent of 5/6 students will lead school wide programs later in the year.

Our numeracy focus for the initial weeks of Term 2 is measurement and geometry, alongside revision and preparation for NAPLAN assessment in week 5. We are also working on problem solving strategies and understanding questions that require multiple operations. Grade 5 students will also have the opportunity to work through previous NAPLAN assessments in preparation for their week 5 test.

The Year 5/6  Literacy program has  involved a mix of reading and writing activities that are designed to both develop and extend student literacy skills. Grade 5 students have completed practice NAPLAN assessments in preparation for their test in week 5, while all students have been given the opportunity to engage in games and activities that create awareness of nouns, verbs and adjectives in their reading and writing.

We have continued our Science unit, Marvellous Microorganisms, in which students are developing their awareness and understanding of the role of microorganisms in food and medicine. A recent highlight was the baking of bread. In this lesson, the class investigated the role yeast plays in the bread making process by making a loaf with yeast, and one without.

 On Friday April 27, the 5/6 class will attend a leadership workshop facilitated by GRIP Leadership, Australia’s premier leadership training program. This workshop is designed to give our students practical tools and fresh ideas to make a significant difference in the school community. The sessions include presentations, interactive activities, discussions, leadership games and entertainment. Attached is a link that provides further information and short video that is well worth watching.