Curriculum - Year 5/6 News

Year 5/6 

All students enjoyed the opportunity our recent Market Day provided. They engaged fully with the experience, relishing the chance to develop and manage a business. Market Day allows students to use previously learnt Numeracy and Literacy skills for practical purposes.

As technology constantly evolves so to do teaching practices and focuses. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, or STEM, are subject areas that we continue to focus on. Preparing students with skills in these core areas is vital to their future understanding and employment opportunities. Students have been using the Swift Playground App and Robotic Lego to support their learning in the key STEM areas.

Project based learning will be used to motive the students as we move towards the end of the term. Specifically, students will be required to choose an activity they would like to participate in and present a submission outlining why their activities should be considered. Applications will include a persuasive letter, list of materials, labelled diagrams, rules and procedures for managing their activity.

Grade 5 students have met their buddies and are enjoying participating in the transition process. They have helped familiarise next year’s preps with the school and are proving to be wonderful role models for our community.

Table tennis as a lunchtime activity has proven to be a hit, with all 5/6 students participating in a series of round robin matches. At this stage, we are planning to hold a more formal tournament in the last week with prizes for the winners.


Our Rising Salt Science unit has had children researching the effect different concentrations of salt have on the growth and health of plants. Students have also investigated different watering techniques, the effect of salt on buildings, roads and playing fields and the importance of planting Australian native plants. Further to this, they have studied indigenous farming practices and the effect of European farming methods on the water table.