Curriculum - Year 5/6 News

Year 5/6Bryce Fetherston

Grades 5/6 have begun 2018 with amazing enthusiasm at the prospect of being leaders within the school community. The students have responded well to their new class, actively engaging in all activities. Grade six students have eagerly welcomed their Buddies to our school. All students have approached this responsibility seriously and with pride.

We have been developing our classroom expectations and setting up our classroom so everyone feels safe and supported. The students have investigated our school values and looked at how they can display these in and out of the classroom. The school values are, integrity, responsibility, cooperation, respect, tolerance and commitment.

All Grade five and six students applied for leadership positions within the school, presenting their speeches to the school community. Everyone put in a lot of time and effort to ensure their speeches reflected their views on leadership and why they should be a leader within our school and wider community. The leaders will be presented with their badges at assembly on the 22nd of February.

Our Literacy sessions have begun, with students having a selection of books in their book tubs. The students are starting to use a Lexile numbering system to help assist with choosing ‘Good Fit Books’. Our focus in our writing has mainly been on preparing for our speeches; however we have found time to write a few recounts of the students’ summer holidays and created a narrative text.

We have been revisiting our place value knowledge in our numeracy sessions. Reading larder numbers and looking for patterns, as well as expanding and renaming numbers. To start of the students have played many card games including our ‘Top Trumps’ games allowing students to order numbers from largest to smallest.

.Our Science focus for term 1 is Light Shows. This will capture students’ interest and find out what they think about light. They will be provided opportunities to represent what they have learned about how light from a source forms shadows and can be absorbed, reflected and refracted, and to reflect on their learning throughout the unit. 

Sue Bath will work with me to deliver the Respectful Relationships program. Initially, our focus will be on social and emotional literacy. The learning intention is for students be develop their understanding and awareness of their emotions, vocabulary to express and recognize different emotions and strategies for managing their feelings.