Curriculum - Year 3/4 News

Year 3/4

The Grade 3 / 4s are now fully into the swing of Term 3, in seems incredible that we are past the halfway mark of the year and it feels like only yesterday we were starting a new school year. We have had a busy start to the term yet again. I am looking forward to this term and we have some great events and activities planned!

In our Literacy Block, we have been focusing on Recounts and Information Reports. We have a focus on non-fiction and information books and been conducting book studies considering the key characteristics and uses of these texts. The students have produced some great writing examples and have continued to improve.

In Maths, we have been completing units on Subtraction and Multiplication. The students are split into two groups, one working with Mrs Williams and the other with myself. These groups were determined from pre-test results and the students have been flourishing while working at on skills and activities at their level. We have begun a focus on Times Tables, with Friday’s Maths session been dedicated to the practicing and testing of these number facts.

For the first half of this term the students have been completing a unit on Multiculturalism called “Australian Identity: Who is an Australian?” we have been considering what it is to be an Australian and the students have researched their own family history. In the next few weeks, we will be beginning the “Solar Buddy” project. This project is linked to our STEAM unit and the students will be designing and building lights for students overseas. An exciting and engaging project!

We are fast moving toward the midpoint of Term 3, with some interesting and exciting events to come this term. The students have been doing a fantastic job, regularly showing a Growth Mindset and an eagerness to take on challenges.