Curriculum - Year 3/4 News

Year 3/4

Our class have worked our way through some great events this term. We had a very successful Market Day and Talent Quest, an event that I know was a real highlight for many of the grade 3/4s this year.

In mid-November, the Grade 3/4s attend Anglesea YMCA camp for two nights. This was a fantastic couple of days and it was great to interact with the students outside the usual school environment. The students showed great character throughout the camp, challenging themselves, working together as a team and ensuring they stretched themselves past their comfort levels. I was highly impressed by how our class conducted themselves and huge thanks goes to Mrs B and 4th year Deakin student, Hayden Smith, for helping out on the camp.

In Numeracy, we have worked through our unit on money, which was linked to our Market Day stalls and we are currently finishing off a unit on Symmetry. It has been great to see the students apply their skills and knowledge to real life situations, such as the Market Day.

In Literacy, we have continued to work on developing the student’s prior knowledge. The students are continuing to give feedback to one another during our daily Read to a Partner activity and they each have a Learning Goal they are working to achieve. We are also nearing the end of our Soundwaves books for the year.

In Writing, we have completed several Big Writes. Recent examples include a recount of our school camp to Anglesea and some very entertaining and creative narratives about “who I would like to be for one day”.

We nearing the end of our science unit “Package it Better”. The unit centres on how packages are moved through the post. The students have been considering how to package items in the safest and most protective way.

With the school concert and our class excursion to the Otway Flyer still to come the end of year is approaching quickly. The students have shown a strong Growth Mindset and a healthy attitude to all the things we have been doing inside and outside school.