Curriculum - Year 3/4 News

Year 3/4 – Brendan King

The students are currently working on how to collect and interpret different forms of data. They have investigated different types of graphs and the how to retrieve information from data tables. They have experimented with creating their own graphs from information gathered within the classroom and school.

In science we are looking at how the sun influences night and day. The students have investigated the relative size of the sun the moon and earth, the distance they are from each other and the impact the sun has combined with the rotation of the earth has on night and day. The students have created models from Lego to represent the school and used torches to represent the sun. They were then able to investigate shadows and how the movement of the sun changed shadow length and position.

Grade 3-6 are working together in term two to complete a robotics challenge. Initially the students have worked in mixed ability collaborative learning teams to design and decorate a robot. The next challenge for teams is to program a robot capable of dancing to music for one minute. We are hoping to show case this work to parents in the last week of term and potentially send students off to represent the school in the Ballarat division of the Victorian RoboCup competition.

Students continue to enjoy weekly lessons that support their development in all areas of Literacy, and are given every opportunity to use classroom activities for practical purposes. For example, the class recently linked Education Morning activities with the writing of a procedural text for their Big Write. This applied learning approach highlights the importance of having the skill to adapt to writing different genres when required. Our regular text analysis lessons continue to expose children to a wide variety of books containing rich language. Students explore the author’s language before rewriting a chosen passage in their own words. Ongoing quick write lessons support the building of stamina and fluency in the children’s writing, while also exposing them to higher order language and therefore increasing their oral and writing vocabulary.

In final week of term, Grade 3-6 will attend COPACC for the Robot Song performance. Robot Song shares the experience of parenting a child on the autism spectrum. The show poses and attempts to answer the question: how do we support, foster and celebrate difference in our children? Based on a true story, Robot Song follows the journey of an 11-year-old child who receives a petition signed by her entire class stating that she’s ‘the most hated person in the school’. The child stops eating, refuses to attend school and her parents become increasingly desperate. Finally, after exhausting all other avenues, her parents resort to the only thing they have left, a giant singing robot.

Our Respectful Relationships focus in recent weeks has been, problem solving. We have concentrated on identifying communication skills that enhance relationships and learnt to describe characteristics of cooperative behaviour. Students have also discussed the concept of leadership and investigated situations where it is important to demonstrate leadership.