Curriculum - Year 3/4 News

Year 3/4 – Brendan King

Local network support staff Nicki and Milly are currently facilitating social skills lessons for our 3/4 students. This unit will run for four week and cover a variety of topics from bullying to self-regulating.

Thanks to Sporting Schools funding the Grade 3/4 class are participating in 6 weeks of AFL training. So far students have learnt the fundamentals of handballing and kicking with the aim of having each child touch the ball 500 times a lesson.

We recently joined the 5/6class for an engaging STEAM lesson. The task required children to make a paper chain strong enough to hold a buck of water. The only materials provided were a bucket, water and 5 sheets of paper! It was most interesting to watch as children grappled with the concept yet eventually succeed.

In Numeracy students have been engaged in a variety of hands on place value lessons. Classes have allowed students to develop concepts of number and place value through renaming, expanding numbers and recognising that the same number can be represented in multiple ways.

The 3/4 children have been developing their literacy understanding and skills through a range of fun and engaged lessons. In addition to our regular Big Write and Sound Wave classes’ students have participated in debates and discussion around current affairs. They have also enjoyed watching and responding to weekly BTN episodes. A recent introduction to our literacy time has been, Text Analysis lessons. These lessons have involved the introduction of a picture story book, unpacking of the cover and a thorough examination of the structure and language choices of the author. The students have demonstrated significant enthusiasm in these lessons and have loved engaging with high quality books containing a variety of rich text.

Our Respectful Relationships units this term are, Emotional Literacy and Personal Strengths. The Emotional Literacy unit supports students to understand what emotions look like, what might trigger emotions and to understand that we experience a variety of emotions on any given day. The Personal Strength unit helps students understand what personal strengths are the importance of recognising our strengths and how to develop strengths