Curriculum - Year 3/4 News

Year 3/4 – Brendan King

Grades 3/4 have begun 2019 with tremendous excitement, responding well to their new class environment and enthusiastically engaging in all activities.

In the initial weeks, we have set boundaries, developed classroom expectations and created a set of core values that will guide the group through 2019. The students have participated in various team building and ‘getting to know you’ tasks and will continue to do so for some time. Several of these tasks are STEAM based activities that require logical thinking and an ability to work and think beyond their comfort zone.

All Grade three and four students have recently had the chance to apply for Junior School Council leadership positions within the school and I am very pleased with the level of sincerity and pride all students have taken in presenting their application to the class.

We have hit the ground running in Literacy this term with students already completing Cold/Big Writes, several Sound Waves units and various other writing activities. They are also participating in daily reading activities.

The initial phase of Numeracy in term one involves revision and a focus on place value. More specifically, we are looking at odd and even numbers, patterns, expanding numbers and using the four process to solve worded problems. Further to this, tasks aim to be hands on, open ended and relevant to real life scenarios.

Specialist classes have begun in earnest with students participating in Art, Library, PE and Italian. These weekly classes are providing students with the opportunity to develop personal, social and academic skills aimed at broadening horizons and raising their individual aspirations.

Sue Bath will work with me to deliver the Respectful Relationships program. Initially, our focus will be on social and emotional literacy. The learning intention is for students be develop their understanding and awareness of their emotions, vocabulary to express and recognise different emotions and strategies for managing their feelings.

In addition to the Respectful Relationships program we will also be running a 4 week social skills program facilitated by Milly Thomas, Network Support Officer.