Curriculum - Year 3/4 News

Year 3/4

The students have made a strong start to a new term, settling in comfortably, and enjoying being back at school. The Grade 3s have been working with Mrs Williams, revising important Numeracy and Literacy concepts ahead of NAPLAN in Week 5.

In our Literacy Block, the students are working through Soundwaves, focusing on homophones, suffixes and adding “ing”. In writing, with NAPLAN approaching, we have been focusing on Persuasive and Narrative writing, with a specific focus on “hooking” the reader and making our arguments as strong as possible. The students have completed several Big Writes and have had the opportunity to present their writing at school assembly.

In Maths, we have had a focus on Fractions and Decimals, with a focus on improving students’ understanding of fractions with odd denominators. The students have completed a pre assessment and this information has been used to plan a rich and diverse range of learning tasks targeting the learning needs of all students. The students have been actively engaged in the game-based learning activities we have been completing.

We are nearing the close of our science unit; “Home Among the Gumtrees” and in recent lessons, we have focused on the honey making process that bees undertake. The students have been studying the bee’s honey making and reproduction cycle.

We continue to have the support of Mrs Bath in our classroom working through the Respectful Relationships program. We have focused on the Personal Strength topic before moving into the Positive Coping topic. We have been considering how we can “exercise” different personal strengths and have set goals for how we are going to improve in some areas.

While the Grade 3s are revising with Mrs Williams, the Grade 4s have working their way through a new online course teaching them the skills of Microsoft Office. The course steps them through different skills used in word, as well as making them more familiar with the outlay and tools they can use.

We have made our way through some important events as well with the ANZAC Day Ceremony, Cross Country, Division Athletics - just to name a few. There are numerous more to come, in what is a busy and exciting term!