Curriculum - Year 1/2 News

Year 1/2

I can’t believe we are coming to the end of term four. What a fantastic and busy term it has been. Music has continued being a big hit, with everyone enjoying the singing and practising our act for the end of year concert.

We have been looking at different genres and styles of writing. The students enjoyed procedure writing, creating their own instructions to teach the class how to do something they were good at. The students have even attempted using this style in our Big Writes, showing their understanding of the text type. The students have begun trialling a variety of writing styles, using similar strategies such as twisted plots, angry and child hating characters as well as some disgusting, descriptive language to help capture their reader’s attention. We have continued to use our Sound Waves knowledge more independently when writing, being selective of which letter blend we choose, depending on when the sound occurs in the word. The students have also been looking closely at prefixes and how they can be used, to help us understand new and interesting words.

We have been focusing on our number facts recently, playing a variety of different games to help with addition and subtraction. The students have enjoyed playing Dice Cricket, trying to score a century and taking pride in having the highest score. We have used this game to build an understanding of graphs, showing how batsman scored their runs, keeping a tally of singles, doubles, fours and sixes each batsman scored.  The students loved all the challenges that were associated with this game, eagerly participating and always wanting to play.

The students have been busy planning and developing their own Rube Goldberg machines in our STEM sessions. We are trialling the use of SeeSaw to document the students’ progress and it has been fantastic to see the parents get on board, leaving comments and asking questions to help extend their child’s learning. The students are working in teams, showing their collaboration and getting along skills. They are all working beautifully together, with many of the Year 2 students stepping up and showing some strong leadership qualities. We cannot wait to test them out and display them to the school community later this term.