Curriculum - Year 1/2 News

Year 1/2

Term 2 has started with a buzz. ANZAC Day came and we all participated in the service down by the hall. Students have used a wide selection of videos to learn about the ANZACs and the story of Gallipoli. The students have enjoyed comparing the different videos and stories together, finding the same character in quite a few movies. The students enjoyed learning about Jack Simpson and his donkey, giving them a greater appreciation for ANZAC Day and why we are so lucky to live in this country.

This term we are looking at the amazing works by Roald Dahl, to help promote a love of literacy, using his humorous words and plots. We are currently finishing off Fantastic Mr Fox and will compare the book to the movie. We have already had some interesting discussions about differences and why the movie differs from the text. It is extremely rewarding to see students begin reading some of his books and even including his own gobblefunk language in their writing.

Our writing is continuing to focus on aspects of VCOP, mainly punctuation and vocabulary. The students are aiming to include all their capital letters in writing pieces. We have begun experimenting with different text types. We enjoyed our persuasive writing piece, convincing someone what the best thig to do on school holidays. It was fantastic to read all the responses and they all justified their decisions, allowing them to make a stronger argument. We have also begun creating our Noun Town poster, where students will design and make their own ‘Noun Town’ – or in the case of some Noun Town Jurassic World or Noun Town Farm. This provides the students with the opportunity to show their understanding of common and proper nouns as well as trialling a new writing genre.

In our maths sessions, we have been learning about graphs. We have looked at different types of graphs, such as bar graphs, pictographs and pie graphs. The students have created many different questions to gather data on our class, such as favourite animal or fruit, things we did on the holidays etc. They have a great understanding of the different components, using all the information to understand what the graphs are telling us. We looked at our school’s energy and water usage for the past 6 years, using the ResourceSmart website to graph it. Students were able to identify how the school as tracked over the past few years, with energy coming down by a lot.