Curriculum - Year 2 News

Year 2 – Jaymie Lowe

What an exciting start to the school year it’s been for our grade 2’s. New teacher, new classroom, new friends! We’ve been extremely busy throughout the first two weeks of term, getting to know each other, building positive relationships and working together to set up an organised, welcoming and happy classroom. Together we’ve put forward our ideas and established classroom rules and daily routines. We have spent time exploring what makes us unique and celebrating the similarities and differences between everyone. It’s been amazing sharing our learning journeys and getting to know each other.

Our literacy block has been full of a variety of learning experiences, with lots of hands on, collaborative activities. We have particularly enjoyed diving into our collection of picture story books and unpacking all the valuable content they provide. We have used reading apps, such as EPIC, on the iPads to gain even more access to fantastic books. We kicked off our Sound Waves program, focussing on developing our phonetic understanding and building upon our skills and knowledge. Together with our C.A.F.E and Daily 5 reading program and our Big Write writing program, we hope to add to our bank of skills and become confident readers and writers.

In numeracy, we have revisited our addition and subtraction strategies supported through a number of interactive number and dice games. The class thoroughly enjoyed our game of “Beat the Teacher”, concentrating on using correct mathematical terminology. We worked our way up to 3 digit numbers in “Mastermind”, where we focused on place value. We are excited to continue using concrete resources and different strategies to help us become skilful mathematicians.

Every Wednesday we join the Preps and Grade 1’s for our S.T.E.A.M program. This year, our unit “Look, Listen” is focused on exploring the physical sciences through investigation and inquiry activities. These allow us to develop our collaborative and critical thinking skills, which are necessary for our modern day learners. We’ve already discovered new ideas and ways of thinking, which we look forward to sharing with you through the Seesaw app.

It’s been wonderful to see the enthusiasm and determination that the students bring with them each day. The students and I are very excited to set goals and start achieving big things in Grade 2!