Curriculum - Year 2 News

Year 2 – Jaymie Lowe


Wow, haven’t our Grade 2’s been busy. Our weeks have been filled with lots of learning and special celebrations. For Mother’s Day, we used a variety of craft mediums to lovingly decorated terracotta pots for. We made cards and wrote our special ladies letters to show our love and appreciation. In Education Week, we celebrated our future careers. We loved coming to school dressed up as our future aspirations. During our STEAM based Open Morning, we used our Beebots (floor robots) to design and build a small robotic community. We had a skate park, golf course, netball courts, science lab, an art classroom and a two story building with a built in swimming pool. The morning was nicely topped off with the ‘Biggest Morning Tea’, held by the Junior School Council. We thoroughly enjoyed all the treats shared with parents, teachers and other students.


In our literacy sessions, we have continued to focus on the Daily 5. We are developing fluency and comprehension strategies ensuring we remember to reread when it doesn’t make sense. We are reaping the benefits of our extensive Soundwaves Program, as we deepen our understanding of spelling patterns and phonetical awareness. We’ve spent some time learning about contractions and surprised ourselves with how many we knew already and how common they are in our texts. 

We continue to build on our bank of writing skills, practising every day. Our writing gallery is bursting with terrific creativity as our weekly Big Write program consolidates our writing skills. This was evident in ‘The Gate’ writing pieces with some very scary and eerie stories being created.


In numeracy, we have been looking at addition and subtraction strategies. Everyone had very much enjoyed our quick fire warm ups that we start each lesson with. These have been important as opportunities to practice concept mastery. It has been wonderful to so many of the students achieve success, learning a variety of strategies and being able to share hints and tips with their peers. We particularly enjoy our week focus on money. We discovered there are a lot of different ways to make a dollar and had fun ordering our ‘dream lunch order’ from a canteen menu and adding up the totals. A few eyes bigger than their bellies I think!


In STEAM, we began our new unit ‘My Place on the Map’. We’ve had a lot of fun investigating and comparing the differences and similarities between places we know and finding them on maps. Using our iPads, we photographed a place within the school and were able to add in some modifications to make it even better. Some of our favourite ideas were trampolines and water parks! We enjoyed our walk around Birregurra, identify important places and features that make up our beautiful community.


It has been fantastic to watch new and old friendships grow and the teamwork within our Grade 2 team has led to much success over all areas. We are able to share new concepts and insights and create bigger and better ideas. It has been great to hear the students reflect on their learning as we prepare for student led conferences. We’re looking forward to enjoying the rest of a busy Term 2!