Curriculum - Year 1/2 News

Year 1/2

The start of Term 3 has been an extremely busy one in the Grade 1/2 classroom. We have been busy bees creating, exploring and investigating in our learning. We have continued using our VCOP Program (Vocabulary, Connectors, Openers and Punctuation) focusing on our descriptive language, avoiding common words such as big, small, yum etc. The students have enjoyed using a wide variety of words and phrases to help ‘jazz’ up their writing. Our recent work with poetry helped build the students’ understanding of figurative language, with many using similes and metaphors to help engage their readers. We have been exploring recount writing, with many students succeeding in using correct text structure and sequencing in their writing. Our little writers have also been including paragraphs in their writing, allowing them to keep their writing more organised. We have begun using our reading groups as we carry out our ‘Daily 5’ activities. We are using our book boxes and ‘Good Fit Books’ as we Read-To-Self and Read-To-Partner. Our ‘Word Work’ activities are focusing around our Sound Waves program, with students identifying different phonemes each week.

In our maths sessions, we have been busy skip counting and place value. The students have been creating displays in the room to help cement their skip counting skills. It was fantastic to see all students challenge themselves and push their learning into uncomfortable waters, not taking the easy option. The students felt immense pride when they had completed their work, all commenting that they are more confident with their skills and strategies.  These topics have allowed the students to undertake many hands-on and open-ended tasks.

Our Science and STEAM sessions are still continuing on a weekly basis. We have been having many wonderful discussions about how the Gulidjan and Wathaurong people would have lived in our area before the settlement of white people. The students have brought along some great insights promoting wonderful discussions about their way of life and difference and similarities between our cultures now and then. We have learnt some interesting facts, such as the dingo is not a native animal to Australia (thanks to the Cunnington family), which prompted us to do our own research to fact check! We have enjoyed learning some phrases from the Wathaurong language, playing ‘Simon Says’ and greeting each other.

In STEAM the students were given a design brief before the holidays, to create a contraption that will use wind energy to raise a Lego figure 30cm. The students worked well in teams, designing and discussion how their machine will work. It was amazing to see the groups begin to predict what might not work and already have plan b, c and sometimes d ready to go! We started constructing and the problem solving skills were fantastic. Teamwork is always a big component of STEAM and our prep to 2s are really performing well with it. There is a big culture of assisting, mentoring and providing feedback between the students, showing their wonderful personality traits.

This term the Prep to 2s are participating in our swimming program at Heather’s Swim School in Colac. We have had a fantastic start to the program, with everyone enjoying the time spent in the pool. Well done to all the boys and girls showing how organised and independent they can be, making it a fun program we all enjoy.