Curriculum - Year 1/2 News

Year 1/2

Wow, what a busy term the Grade 1/2s have had! The students have loved all the things we have had happening. Education Week was a great success. It was fantastic to have parents come visit and participate in our activities. The kids loved sharing their learning with all the adults. The Biggest Morning Tea was another big hit; the students enjoyed the delicious treats. The grade 1s accompanied Mrs Mac and the Prep/Ones down to the Birre Hall to watch a circus performer. Olivia cherished the moment to join in and be a part of the show.

Our reading sessions have continued to focus on the Daily 5. We have been looking at the marvellous stories of Roald Dahl. We read Fantastic Mr. Fox and compared it to the stop motion movie. The students were surprised by how many differences there were, including the creation of completely new events. We have just started reading James and The Giant Peach. Even though we have only just started it, students are already finding plenty of similarities with Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Our daily Soundwaves have continued to expand our understanding of the complex sounds in our language. After I spent a morning in the Year 5/6 classroom we were introduced to a new spelling game called ‘Bananas’ which the children went bananas for. They love challenging each other and using the extension words to spell the different words. We have seen more accurate spelling in our Big Writes which is great!

During our writing sessions, we have been looking at persuasive writing, convince our reader to agree with our point of view. The students have enjoyed the challenges that have undertaken. A favourite was convince their reader they had the greatest weekend ever. It was hilarious as students focused on the good aspects of some uneventful weekends. The winner being a child who was sick, convincing us that getting to spend the weekend lounging around in bed and watching T.V was the best thing to do on a cold, windy, wet weekend. We have looked at using exaggerations to help prove our points or make other points of view sound less tempting.

The students have been busy using a wide range of strategies to help solve many addition and subtraction problems. It has been amazing to watch, as students teach each other different strategies. The children have been respectful as they explain and prove how their strategy works and it’s even better to hear others asking clarifying questions to gain a better understanding. All students have shown multiple ways to solve their addition and subtraction problems, with many showing their understanding of place value. We have used shapes to help as well, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of common shapes and their features.