Curriculum - Year 2 News

Year 2 – Jaymie Lowe

Over half way through the term already and how quickly the weeks have gone! The Grade 2’s are well under way with their learning, busy creating, investigating and exploring. It’s been wonderful to see our classmates developing their relationships with each other, expanding friendships and working together to complete tasks.

During our literacy time, we have been working towards making inferences using picture books from our library. We have been identifying what we can and can’t see on the front cover, and using those clues to help us predict what the book might be about. We have started our reading groups and are using components of the ‘Daily 5’ to form our activities and use our book boxes of ‘Good Fit Books’ as we read to self. 

Our daily use of Sound Waves program has seen us focus on a new sound each week and we have developed a range of new and exciting vocabulary to use throughout our writing. This has been evident in our weekly Big Write’s, as well as other writing activities completed throughout the week. Each week in the Big Write, we have used our new skills to plan and produce more meaningful writing. We have already seen huge improvement from our very first Big Write at the start of the year.

In our maths sessions, we have been focusing on skip counting. We are now masters of skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s. We are continuing to explore place value through a range of hands on activities and reflections to consolidate our knowledge. Students have enjoyed working in a range of groups, working together to learn from one another.

Our STEAM inquiry focus for the latter half of this term is ‘Look, Listen!’ P – 2 are investigating sources of light and sound, how they are produced and how they travel. We will carry over our project into next term and look forward to continuing to share our discoveries and design skills through the Seesaw portfolio app.

Throughout our ‘Respectful Relationships’ program, we have been learning about the different types of emotions that we may be feeling, coping with our emotions and learning how to read others emotions. Through role playing and brainstorming, we have developed a range of strategies in order to help us to deal with different emotions and situations.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first Polwarth Sports at Alvie Primary School and congratulate all students on their success and participation. It was so great to see everyone having a go and doing their best. The training they received from Mrs Melican was superb and clearly evident.

Our Grade 2 classroom has been very busy working hard and achieving big things! We can’t wait for what else is to come in Term 1!