Curriculum - Year 1/2 News

Year 1/2

These first few weeks of 2018 have been extremely busy in the Grade 1/2. We have been sorting out and setting up our classroom the way we want it to look for the year. The students have been working hard organising our classroom rules and motto, as well as getting used to the new friendships they are creating. We have spent a lot of time looking at ourselves, finding out what makes us different to others in the classroom, and the similarities between all of us. It has been an amazing experience learning about all the students in our classroom.

Our reading and writing sessions have been fun and full of many great learning experiences. Students are becoming more aware of the C.A.F.E reading program, and it has created many useful learning moments. We have started attacking our difficult words, and we’re all having lots of successes, playing the many different word games and using the iPad apps. We have enjoyed exploring the texts we read and including them into our writing activities for the day. It is fantastic to see the enthusiasm the students bring to the classroom each day.

The students have enjoyed exploring the Sound Waves program. We have played many different games with the students enjoying the races to find the correct phoneme. The iPad programs have been a huge success, with students playing various games and utilising the segmenting tool to assist with their understanding.

Our maths sessions have been a great mixture of building and playing addition and subtraction games. We have been setting many challenges using matchsticks and calculators. It has been great to observe students building their confidence in numeracy. The students have enjoyed playing our many warm-up games, such as War, Make Me 10, Odd vs Even etc. These games have the students focus on quick recall of addition and subtraction facts.

 We have started out STEAM unit for Term 1 - all about our town Birregurra. The students had a wonderful excursion down the main street, identifying different buildings and landmarks. They used their observational skills to order the different buildings. We have begun constructing our buildings using a variety of materials.