Curriculum - Prep/1 News


As I (Mrs. Melican) write this I have already completed 2 of my 6-week, Term 3, stint in the Prep/One classroom. Like the year so far, time is just flying by! 

The kids have happily settled back into the classroom routine after their holidays even with Mrs. Mac’s absence. Must be the wonderful habits she has installed! We love the fact she is close by if we need her help but also know how capable we are to keep the wheels of learning/ practice and progression turning. Mrs. Melican is loving watching the confidence in putting pen to paper, sounding out of words and just having a go at new ones. Not just the Preps but also the Grade Ones who are pushing themselves to another reading level. Keep up the great work.

Anyway, down to logistics! Our weekly routine is set, and we follow it carefully?! Sometimes though we do need to put off till tomorrow what wasn’t completed today! Soundwaves, Daily Five, and CAFÉ focused sessions make up our mornings supplemented with positive Home Reading and letter/word revision. (Thanks Parents and Co.)

With Ms. Hannah absent at present we are caring and sharing in Soundwaves Spelling sessions. Each Grade One having a turn at being the teacher in charge. Good leadership skills! This term we are going to put in some regular practice of our 100 most used words.

Writing sessions daily allow us to practice our personal goals as well as develop our own writing styles and skills.  Putting in our best positive efforts and having a go are all we ask. Such a range and diversity of learning is happening in our classroom. Everyone working at their individual pace.

Numeracy sessions are about exploring number and all that goes with it. We try and bring Math thinking into all parts of the day as well as the allocated sessions. This term we will be focusing on number patterns, place value, adding and subtracting, bigger and smaller, time and measurement.

Steam and Science sessions with the Grade one/two grades are a wonderful time of exploring what we know, sharing our knowledge and also learning more. Birregurra’s aboriginal ancestors are bringing a lot of wonder, amazement and learning into our kid’s minds along with thoughtfulness, empathy and acknowledgement.

Our specialist teachers in Library Art and Italian continue to extend our thinking as we travel the world to explore different languages, customs, mediums and techniques. With Ms. Louise starting her much loved singing sessions in term 3 we are very lucky indeed.

Last but not least our sporting program involves not only our weekly Monday sessions where Mrs. Mel is concentrating on ball skills for the term but also our swimming program at Heather’s Swim School for ten weeks. And sometimes we get an extra 10 -15 minutes at the end of the day because we have worked so well!

Thanks for having me, Sue Melican.