Curriculum - Prep/1 News

 P/1 – Alison McDonald & Genevieve Erskine

Wow! How this first term for 2019 has flown and how quickly our new students have settled into the school routine. We have continued to explore ourselves as learners and it has been terrific to see the students working together to support each other as confident and independent class members.

During literacy sessions we have been learning and revising our letter names and high frequency words. We are using the Sound Waves program and ‘Daily 5’ reading strategies to help build and strengthen the relationship between the sounds letters make and the sight-word knowledge that is necessary as successful readers. Our Grade 1 students have been developing their decoding and comprehension strategies as they set and monitor individual goals. It is fabulous to see them so incredibly engaged and motivated to increase their reading skills.

With our Prep students now joining us on Wednesdays, we have started our weekly ‘Big Write’ program. We use our Tuesday morning session to plan and draft a piece of writing – our ‘Big Talk’ and on Wednesday we set up our rooms for our ‘Big Write’.

It has been tremendous to see our younger students develop their writing skills as they start to compose their own sentences to accompany their pictures. Our Grade 1 students have been challenging themselves to set personal writing goals and develop their editing and proofreading skills. They have taken great pride in showcasing their learning in our writing gallery outside our room.

In our Math sessions we have been building our investigative learning skills; working in pairs and small groups to explore number facts, patterns and early measurement. We are using a variety of games based approaches to build and develop student’s knowledge and fluency in early number acquisition.

Throughout our ‘Respectful Relationships’ program, we have explored emotional literacy and personal strengths. We have used collaborative learning activities to help build social skills. We are developing self-awareness and empathy for others, highlighting the importance of identifying and using individual strengths.

Our STEAM inquiry focus for the latter half of this term is entitled ‘Look Listen! P-2 are investigating sources of light and sound, how they are produced and how they travel. We will carry over our project into next term and look forward to continuing to share our discoveries and design skills through the Seesaw portfolio app.

 Polwarth Sports at Alvie PS were a great success, with many individual and team highlights ensuring our younger students had memorable first sports days. Mrs Melican’s athletics preparation was once again terrific, with the high jump being a major highlight amongst our P/1 team.