Curriculum - Prep/1 News



WOW! What a busy term this has been as we near the end of an exciting year of wonderful learning in the Junior room.

We have completed our three Prep transition sessions and welcomed our eleven 2018 Prep students, some new families and some familiar faces, that will be joining our learning team next year. Our Grade 5 buddies have been fabulous hosts and they will be a great support for our new students when they start with us after Christmas.

Concert rehearsals are continuing with Louise each Friday, with everyone busily practising their vocal, percussion and dancing talents. Look out for another end of year spectacular!

Over the next few weeks, our Grade 1 students will read and perform a selection of ‘Funny Fairy Tale Plays’ as part of their literacy sessions. We hope to record and share these both on our class television and within our Seesaw portfolio app. This will provide a terrific opportunity for students to review their performances and gain feedback from their peers.

Numeracy sessions this term have seen many hands on opportunities for learning. We have explored capacity, telling the time, 2D and 3D shapes, using a wide range of math resources and games to support our understanding and develop mastery.

During our weekly STEAM block, P-2 have been busily designing and building Rube Goldberg machines. Our young group has enthusiastically taken over the MPR each week as they work in small collaborative teams to develop a contraption that will accurately drop an Alka-Seltzer tablet into a cup of water – the more elaborate and complex the machine – the better! Our Seesaw app has been tremendous in tracking this project and we have been overwhelmed by the feedback so far from our parents.

This week we embark on our excursion to the Queenscliff Marine Discovery Centre. We hope this lovely warm weather continues, as we visit the museum to see the wonderful interactive exhibits before heading to the pier for a beachcombing session.

We have had a tremendous year of learning in our room and it is hard to imagine that we are in the final weeks. The Grade 1 students are ready for their next challenge and the Preps and new students have already begun to suggest the ways they would like their new learning environment to look.

We have been fortunate to have the terrific support of our parents who make such a valuable contribution to our room and who have assisted in so many of our class and school activities. Mrs. Bath and Ms. Hannah are vital to the success of our literacy programs and their eagerness to support all of our activities is very much appreciated.

I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season and we look forward to sharing the fabulous learning adventures that happen in our room in 2018.