Curriculum - Prep/1 News



As we make our way towards the end of term, it is amazing to watch our youngest students set learning goals, practise giving and receiving feedback and challenging themselves to extend their skills, celebrating many terrific successes.

We have had a fun but busy term with lots of happenings both in and out of our room.

Sandie, from Monkey Baa Productions brought the wonderful ‘Josephine Wants to Dance’ to life in a workshop that saw everyone skip, hop and pirouette. This workshop is part of our COPACC live performance that is scheduled for next month.

Mother’s Day is always a special time in our class and we celebrated by highlighting the things that make our Mums special. We painted ceramic tiles and made picture cards as gifts to share. The opportunity to ‘shop’ at the stall was particularly significant and we appreciate the wonderful help of P&F.

Sienna Turner, second year student teacher from Deakin University, joined us for two weeks. She quickly got to know everyone and her enthusiasm for teaching was clearly evident. She will re-join us again next term for a further two weeks and we are already looking forward to learning some more of her fantastic games.

Education Week this year focused on celebrating the Arts. During Open Morning, we shared the lovely picture storybook ‘The Dot’. We then spent the morning developing our own interpretation of dots as we created sculptures, negative and positive spaces, stories and colour wheels – all with dots! It was a great morning and a lovely way to work alongside our families. A sensational ‘Biggest Morning Tea’ hosted by our Junior School Council topped off the morning.

Big Top, Tiny Tots, hosted by the Preschool and held at the Hall, ended Education Week. A fast-paced circus performance followed by a highly engaging opportunity to work with Luth as she took us through some skills and tricks.

Although the last few weeks have been very busy with mid-year assessment tasks. The highlight has been the wonderful reflections the students have been contributing for their portfolios and reports. We are all very much looking forward to showcasing this at our upcoming student led conferences.

We have had a very exciting term of teaching and learning.  Big thanks to all our families and school community who support us so wonderfully.