Curriculum - Italian


Do-Care Excursion - Escursione Do-Care

Last Monday, Year 3 students travelled into Colac on the bus to meet with a number of older Italian women, the Italian Do-Care Group, who get together on the second Monday of each month to chat and, naturally, mangiare!  The women made pizze (plural for ‘pizza’) with the students watching on. Era assolutamente deliziosa! One of the members, Maria Letteri, explained the history of the Pizza Margherita, named after Queen Margherita in 1889, and represents the Italian flag – basilica (basil), formaggio (cheese), pomodoro (tomato). The women also brought along Italian doughnuts, tiramisu & an Italian chocolate slice – nearly all of which was consumed!

The Do-Care ladies are from Italy’s southern regions - Calabria, Basilicata & Sicilia – and several of them talked to the students about their life in Italia, and their early years in Colac. The women agreed that not being able to speak English when they arrived in Australia was the most frustrating part of their immigration experience.

The Yr 3 students were extremely well-behaved. They were attentive listeners, and asked interesting questions. Each student thanked the Group individually. I was impressed with their maturity, and their expressions of genuine gratitude for the  effort that the Do-Care group had put into making the afternoon both an enjoyable and an educational experience.